So that one time...


I was just a lonely designer on an amazing book project in East Palo Alto with a non-profit and although I wasn't actual must help I had to much fun being in the field with photographers, one thing lead to another and a shooter didn't show up for one day, and I had a Canon T3i put in my hands and the rest is history as they say.

My photography has been design centric and ultimately has lead me to some very interesting shots, and a very interesting approach to all my shoots, enjoy some of my selects below and be sure to book your next shot with Chatman.

Stand For The PowerLess |35|.jpg
Cousin Ivy | 39August 02, 2017.jpg
Cousin Ivy | 46August 02, 2017.jpg
SF Bird 23.jpg
Ceno | 01-4.jpg
Box |2|.jpg
Stand For The PowerLess |19|.jpg
Who Got Bars? |124|.jpg
B E T H O | 1.jpg
Ceno in the City-15.jpg
Ceno | Walk Around 13.jpg
Milla 4th  |09 | July 04, 2017.jpg
Day With Adriel |13 | 2017.jpg
Fluent |02 | 2017.jpg
S.O.S Tourney |91 | July 22, 2017.jpg
GrandMomies |6|.jpg
Day With Adriel |129 | 2017.jpg
GrandMomies |1|.jpg
Who Got Bars? |24|.jpg
Fall 1| 93 |.jpg
Who Got Bars? |44|.jpg
U N I T E D | 5.jpg
JM Vercetti11.jpg
China Town | 3.jpg
Nimbus _ EPA.JPG
Vintage Ivy |118 | June 28, 2017.jpg
ATA | 127 | 2017.jpg
ATA | 21 | 2017.jpg
SF Bird 10.jpg
Who Got Bars? |15|.jpg
SF Bird 34.jpg
Fall 1| 109 |.jpg
Sunset | 6 |.jpg
Ceno in the City-9.jpg
Milla 4th  |01 | June 30, 2017.jpg
B & W |09 | 2017.jpg
SV SHoot |22 | June 17, 2017.jpg
aris | Dwntwn Pa07 | July 24, 2017.jpg
A.O May | 42.jpg
SV Shoot01-2.jpg