It all started when...

The young homie Sergio Flores told me I should try shooting vlogs with him, at the time I was only shooting pics to design them not even pure photography yet, I didn't own a cam, I had horrible lenses, and no real eye for video. As time progressed I did a small project for Randy McPhly for his first Fat Nigga Friday's series, and the reception from the small passion project jolted a little bit of faith that I could shoot and edit on a small level.

Jumping all the way to now, I currently shoot, Direct, Edit, & Color, all my videos, and I fail in so many areas that I have to much fun learning how to fix my mistakes, the beauty of using my live eye over my still one with photography and design helps me in so many ways its crazy.

As you brows these videos, they do go from oldest to newest, and my skill improves from video to video, I hope to bring some mini movies and docs into the mix this year, until then, book Chatman for your next video shoot.


VernDuzIt - Not Yah Average

This was actually my first video using the Canon 5d Mark II and the DJI Ronin Stabilizer. The concept behind the video was created by Vern, and was that he would be depicted as this " Nerdy " character, playing video games, wearing a jedi robe, when he hears a knock at his door and someone drops off this strange box with a strange liquid in it. The liquid seems to be drawing Vern in as he consumes it he becomes sick as soon as he consumes and soon he is overcame by this strange concoctions, and passes put in his living room and awakes as this swaged out, confident rap star, and that is where Not Yah Average starts. Video is currently private. Be sure to check out Vern and give him a follow.


Ceno - 30 On Me

30 On Me, was an interesting shoot, we may potentially put out a version 2 as we shoot two separate version of this video, this was mine and Ceno's 3rd video in 2017 and we were gearing up to make a huge shift in how we shoot these videos. We grabbed the equipment and made are way to a parking lot near by and did some simple run and gun shots over his 3rd single from his latest project First Period. Can't wait to continue working with Ceno in 2018 as we continue to push the envelop with our imagery. Be sure to check out his instagram and give him a follow.


Ceno - We Doing Ok

We Doing Ok was a classic run and gun shoot with the young king Ceno, I learned some new techniques surrounding b-role and some new effects. Its always a pleasure to shoot with the homie Ceno, his ability to roll with whatever direction thats given saves a lot of explanation time and allows for the creativity to flow, had a great time editing this one be sure to go check that out.


Ceno - Fresher THan a MF

The first video I had the pleasure of shooting with Ceno, I think at this moment I gained a bunch of confidence with my shooting style and some small editing tricks, We actually pulled the car to a pretty dope spot before someone randomly called the cops on us, so in the very beginning the man giving us " No more than 10minutes " is a police captain in East Palo Alto.


JM Vercetti - Commissary feat. ocky

This was the first video I shot for JM Vercetti, East Palo Alto Native by the way of the Diamond State of Delaware. JM is one of the smoothest brothas I have the pleasure of working with recruited block movement powerhouse Ocky Ocky, to collab on this one, I had a bunch of shots that didn't make the final cut but had a great time working with this duo and although we still haven't officially released the video, can't wait to do more work with JM.


JM Vercetti - A$$hole CHallenge

First time meaning Ocky Ocky, JM asked me two questions, you bring you cam?  you down to shoot? and the rest is history, my older work where I was trying to figure out how I was going to be able to shoot short simple videos. 


Hawkins - LYIN(prod. Yung h33m)

Always love linking up with my Clom Man fam, Hawkins went in on the Yung h33m produced track, we was out in SF tryna keep the night lit as long as possible, very high energy song from the homie Hawkins, can't wait to do more with the CLom Maf fam.


Passion Project

This was a accidental skit I actually did with Milla Music and some local homies here in East Palo Alto, I hope to do more pieces like this in the future and combine them into my videos. 


Hawkins x Peter Xan (Sydney Wiatt)

I was hyped on the idea of this shoot and was ready to knock it out the park, although things didn't go to plan I was ready to fail forward with this video and I accomplished just that, had an amazing time working with Peet and Hawkins on this one.